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International scholarships and home country civil service: Comparing perspectives of government employment for social change in Ghana and Nigeria

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posted on 2022-12-28, 15:12 authored by Anne CampbellAnne Campbell, Chelsea A. Lavallee, Erin Kelly-Weber

Many international scholarships aim for national development outcomes, including reforms in government—an institution central to catalyzing social change on a national level. This paper examines alumni trajectories from one program whose graduates were expected to advance social justice at home. Focusing on Ghana and Nigeria, this research compares (a) alumni perceptions of home country governance and government employment and (b) its influence on alumni pathways. Results emphasize the importance of specific contextual factors identified by alumni, such as perceptions of government efficacy and workplace conditions, that influence their decisions to pursue government employment. Findings inform governments and scholarship funders, especially those aiming for government capacity building or social justice reform.


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