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A Perennial Glossary: Musings from a Middlebury College Classroom

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posted on 2023-10-02, 19:08 authored by William VitekWilliam Vitek

Students at Middlebury College in the fall 2018 and fall 2019 "Perennial Turn" course were assigned a mid-term paper in which they were asked to develop two glossary terms that describe the perennial turn. In the summer of 2020, New Perennials Project interns Raechel Zeller and Kendal Pittman compiled the terms and developed a format for the glossary. 2020 intern, James Peacock, designed the images. Included with the 57 glossary terms is a recipe card for Indestructible Wonder, created by Maya Gomez.

The glossary cards include references to readings, and can serve as excellent sources for reading and conversation in a wide range of courses, subjects, and age levels.

For more information about the course and the project, visit https://www.newperennials.org/.


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