Middlebury College Antique Clothing Collection

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 The Middlebury College Antique Clothing Collection is composed of  approximately 450 items of clothing and accessories dating from between  1830-1930. The items are primarily day dresses, evening gowns, and  undergarments. The collection holds special significance to the study of  dress and textiles because of the age and quality of the items. These  items are too fragile and special to be worn on stage in theatrical  productions, so we have made them available for research. By providing  access to quality antique clothing items we hope to engage students,  faculty, and staff in a deeper understanding of the past.

The Theatre Department is in the process of dating, cataloging, and  digitizing items in the collection, so that this information can be made  available as a resource for researchers, students, and enthusiasts. 


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Middlebury College Antique Clothing Collection
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